Christian School

The On-line Christian Citizenship Course is an amazing supplement to every Christian School who wants to cultivate a biblical worldview about history, citizenship, and the Kingdom of God.

It can be a primary part of your core curriculum or used as a supplement to what you are already teaching.

The United States is sick and dying because we have become unhinged from our biblical foundations. There are no other institutions in the United States that can correct this moral and worldview free fall we are in except the local church, Christian schools and home schools..

In a Christian school context, a teacher can queue up a video and play it – usually 3 to 6 minutes long. Then pause to add their own insight or perspective and then to allow for group discussion. Then proceed to the next video segment.

We have regularly heard that this material presented in classrooms or used as supplemental studies has been transformative in students lives.

Please explore this site, check out the free sample area, the testimonials area and then join us in the revolution of raising up a new generation that understands the high and noble goal of Christian Citizenship and its ability to impact the community, city, nation and world.