Sunday School

This course can revolutionize your Sunday School or small group!

The United States is sick and dying because we have become unhinged from our biblical foundations. There are no other institutions in the United States that can correct this moral and worldview free fall we are in except the local church, Christian schools and home schools..

What so many Christians have forgotten or never been taught is this – God created the institution of government for humankinds good.

Civil government’s core purpose is to “Restrain evil and encourage the good”

If God created government and there is a biblical purpose for government wouldn’t it make sense that Christians should know Gods principles for government, should positively influence and keep accountable their government and even in some cases fulfill the calling to serve in government?

Sunday School classes and Home Groups are key environments where these principles can be taught once again.

This on-line Christian Citizenship course is a great resource for group study. A facilitator leader, can queue up a video and play it – usually 3 to 6 minutes long. Then pause to add their own insight or perspective and then to allow for group discussion. Then proceed to the next video segment.

We have regularly heard that this material presented in this format has been some of the best Sunday School curriculum that classes have ever used.

This material can be used for Sunday School classes of all ages – from age 13 to 100, this material has inspired church members all over the nation and world.

Please explore this site, check out the free sample area, the testimonials area and then join us in the revolution of raising up a new generation that understands the high and noble goal of Christian Citizenship and its ability to impact the community, city, nation and world.