Key PDFs for the Training

Note Taking Outline for Group Presentations – PDF

Key Screen Shots and Quotes for Personal Study – PDF

Basic Facts and Dates – 1 page

Open Book Exam and Answer Keys

Open Book Exam to Be Used While Taking Course

Answer Key – Summary Version – 1 Page

Answer Key – Detailed Version – 7 Page

Christian Citizenship Action Steps Manual

The Christian Citizenship Training Manual is a helpful resource for ideas and strategies of putting Christian Citizenship Training to work in your life and the life of your church.

Christian Citizenship Action Steps Manual – PDF

Generic Party Platform Comparison

Generic Party Platform Comparison – PDF

Recommended Reading List and Bibliography

Recommended Reading List and Bibliography – PDF

Documents of Freedom

Here are some key PDFs of the Documents of Freedom.

Each of these documents were thoroughly studied and understood by students and adults 100 years ago.

Today citizens of the US cannot even name them.

We have added formatting and section summaries to several of these documents in order to aid your understanding.  This is particularly true of the longest document of them all ~ George Washington’s Commentary on the US Constitution, also known as his Farewell Address.

• The Mayflower Compact – 1620-11-11

• The Declaration of Independence -1776-07-04

• George Washington Inaugural Address – 1789-04-30

• The US Constitution – 1787-09-17

• The Bill of Rights – 1791-12-15

• George Washington Farewell Address – 1796-09-17