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Homeschool growth has been explosive!!!

“In the Spring of 2020, parents across the nation abruptly became de facto home educators when the coronavirus pandemic disrupted school-as-usual. Buildings were shuttered, courses were moved online, and children were sent home with extensive lesson plans and an assignment for their parents: emergency homeschooling.

Heading into a new school year, with districts adopting new plans for in-person, hybrid, and online education, many families are considering homeschooling on a more permanent basis”. ~ Christianity Today, August 2020

This is where the On-line Christian Citizenship Training class can play a vital role.

Through this training platform homeschool students will experience history, civics, and citizenship taught like they never have heard before.

Homeschool parents know how history and civics classes in public schools has been politicized to such a degree that children come home with a completely distorted view of our nations positive role in the world and its history of being the greatest beacon of freedom and liberty in world.

Homeschool 6th through 12th graders can master this material.  Homeschool parents can follow along with the short format videos while accomplishing other things at home or at work.

Homeschool families have used these resources for over a decade and over 1,000,000 videos have been served up to individuals, homeschools, and churches around the world.

Please explore this site, check out the free sample area and then join us in the revolution of raising up a new generation that understands the high and noble goal of Christian Citizenship and its ability to impact the community, city, nation and world.  

Please share this resource widely with other homeschool families, homeschool networks, Christian School friends, and your churches !!!