Election 2020


By Craig Seibert,  Director of www.ChristianCitizenshipTraining.org (sign up and take the course)

I read an article this morning that got me to thinking about what this election can be boiled down to and I think it is this;  


In Trump’s four years in office and his promise to Drain the Swamp, he has exposed corruption on a massive scale.   He has exposed or elevated the existence of corruption in all of these areas.   This easily explains the complete and unhinged hatred of Donald Trump.

  • Corruption of CIA -– sitting on evidence, manufacturing false evidence, James Clapper, John Brennan
  • Corruption of FBI – sitting on evidence, manufacturing false evidence, James Comey, Peter Strzok
  • Corruption or IRS – targeting political opponents, Louis Lerner
  • Corruption of CDC – false COVID counting and COVID info
  • Corruption of FDA – producing info that undermines Presidents COVID response
  • Corruption of Democrat Party – primaries process, unhinged quest for power has them saying the most hateful things
  • Corruption of Hillary Clinton – Email Server – illegal and uncharged
  • Corruption of the Clinton Foundation – pay to play scandal – give $, get access
  • Corruption of Joe Biden –  Biden Family has lived off of almost 50 years of corruption and are worth $250 Million
  • Corruption of Department of State – covering up Benghazi and other foreign policy disasters of Hillary Clinton
  • Corruption of Military Leadership – pushing (Critical Race Theory) CRT training
  • Corruption of Defense Contractors – pushing CRT training
  • Corruption of Federal Judges – unjustly prosecuting political opponents, Gen. Michael Flynn as one example
  • Corruption of Major Political leaders in Pedophilia – in Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia ring
  • Corruption of US House of Representatives – false impeachment, Nancy Pelosi hateful rhetoric, Adam Schiff – liar and propagator of Russia Collusion Hoax
  • Corruption of US Senate – the Kavanaugh hearing, the Amy Coney Barrett hearing
  • Corruption of the Federal Courts – where activist judges make law not interpret it
  • Corruption of Foreign Policy – giving Iran $6 billion, politicians using Foreign Policy to enrich themselves.
  • Corruption of Free Trade – America always getting the worst deal
  • Corruption of States Board of Elections – changing the rules in process to favor the Democrat party
  • Corruption of the Voting Process – mailing out ballots to dead, illegal, people that have moved, multiple ballots
  • Corruption of Democratic Governors – wont even defend their own cities and states
  • Corruption of Democratic State Attorney Generals – wont prosecute rioters and/or let them out on bail
  • Corruption of Mainstream Media – most biased and unhinged reporting ever on a President, 95% negative
  • Corruption of Big Tech – squashing stories, banning and shadowing banning political opponents
  • Corruption of Fortune 500 companies – supporting antifa and BLM, Inc – known anti-American groups
  • Corruption of Science – Climate science based on computer models only, other areas of science politicized
  • Corruption of the Free Markets – healthcare take over, massive regulations and controls
  • Corruption of Pro Sports – making them all political
  • Corruption of Public Schools – teaching Anti-American CRT
  • Corruption of Universities – intolerant of free speech, physical violence against opposing views, teaching CRT
  • Corruption of Words – changing the meaning of words – trying to redefine court packing to mean something different
  • Corruption of Life – making life so cheap, that babies can be aborted on their birth date
  • Corruption of Marriage – redefined to mean something new, with the potential to redefine again
  • Corruption of Religious Freedom – you can worship in the building, but not live out your faith in your business.
  • Corruption of Manhood and Womanhood – gender can be anything, 56 different choices says Facebook
  • Corruption of Fatherhood – making fatherhood irrelevant to inner city youth, through welfare programs
  • Corruption of Motherhood – by diminishing the distinct feminine characteristics of being a mom
  • Corruption of Women Sports – letting men pretend to be women and compete
  • Corruption of Youth – teaching sex and gender crazy ideas in public schools
  • Corruption of the Church –adopting the tenants of CRT, many “evangelicals” supporting most anti-life, anti-God, anti-Christian party in US History.
  • Corruption of Race Relations – by constantly agitating racial grievances
  • Corruption of the Declaration of Independence – leaving God’s name out of its reading
  • Corruption of the Constitution – shredding its meaning by appointing judges that ignore it
  • Corruption of American History – tearing down statues, rewriting history
  • Corruption of the US Flag – kneeling and dis-regarding it, rather than using it to unify
  • Corruption of American Culture – by constantly creating victim groups and pitting Americans against each other
  • Corruption of America – rather than unity – “out of many one”, division instead, and rather than America being a force for good in the world, making America look bad – amplifying her flaws vs. magnifying the great country she is.

CORRUPTION – THE ONE MASTER RING THAT CONTROLS THEM ALL (Like the Master Ring in the Lord of the Rings)